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7 Board Books for the Holiday Season

Updated: Feb 21

Christmas is a time for celebration, sharing, and caring (it can be fun). A great way to teach your child about the spirit of Christmas is to give them a hands-on experience. Literally. 

Books are a fantastic option to bring excitement and anticipation while preparing for Christmas. Books can also give you ideas on how to prepare for Christmas, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck! 

If you’re looking for a gem to throw in your child's treasure chest of Christmas gifts, here are some board books that are fantastic for the holidays:

Jingle Bells board book

Jingle Bells

Designed for young children, this board book incorporates classic holiday songs like 'Jingle Bells' with vibrant illustrations and textured elements for tactile exploration. 

Children can trace the textured paths with their fingers, enhancing sensory experiences and fine motor skills. Yes, you will be teaching your child Christmas songs while they are learning fine motor skills. What a great way for your child to get in the spirit! The book provides a delightful and educational option for toddlers, promoting early literacy and sensory development while celebrating the festive season. 

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a board book

Christmas Cookie

This festive book revolves around the theme of holiday warmth and love, capturing the essence of Christmas with charming illustrations and simple text.

The narrative explores the special bond between a caregiver and a child, comparing the child to a sweet Christmas cookie.

What's neat about this book is there are cut-outs on different pages, making them see-through and giving the story a somewhat 3-D feel.

With an easy-to-follow storyline, this board book is perfect for little hands to enjoy during the holiday season, offering a joyful and cozy experience that celebrates the magic of Christmas and precious connections between loved ones. Beware, they might want a cookie after this one!

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a board book

Bear Stays Up

This heartwarming tale revolves around Bear and his woodland friends working to keep him awake for Christmas despite his natural hibernation instincts.

With delightful illustrations and rhythmic text that you'll find creating your own song too, the narrative emphasizes themes of friendship, generosity, and the joy of sharing the holiday spirit.

The sturdy pages are ideal for little hands, making this board book a festive addition to young children's holiday reading, offering a cozy and enchanting story that captures the magic of Christmas.

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a board book

The Night Before Christmas

Adapting the timeless holiday classic, also known as "A Visit from St. Nicholas," into a sturdy, oversized format designed for young readers.

This story captures the magical anticipation of Christmas Eve through poetic verses describing Santa Claus's arrival, his reindeer, and the joyous atmosphere in a cozy home. If you want a more diverse vocabulary for your little one, this book is for you!

The thick and durable pages of the oversized padded board book are perfect for little hands. With charming illustrations and Clement C. Moore's enduring poetic language, this book provides a delightful and engaging way to share the spirit of Christmas with young children, offering a festive reading experience that creates excitement and cherished holiday traditions.

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I'm a Little Snowman

This story brings the magic of winter to life with charming illustrations and a playful rhyme scheme. Think "I'm a little teapot" song.

Introducing young readers to the whimsical world of a snowman, the story follows the little snowman's adventures, describing his features, activities, and the joy he brings to wintertime.

With a combination of simple text and vibrant images, "I'm a Little Snowman" offers a delightful reading experience, capturing the wonder and playfulness of the winter season—an ideal addition to the library of young children.

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a board book

Silent Night: A Christmas Song

This board book seamlessly combines the timeless lyrics of "Silent Night" with enchanting illustrations, capturing the serene and magical atmosphere of a silent, snowy night. This is particularly my daughter's favorite seasonal board book!

Emphasizing the nativity story, the book highlights the quiet and peaceful moments surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Beyond introducing children to the classic carol, "Silent Night" conveys the spirit of the season; there is something to this book that fosters a sense of tranquility and wonder. This board book is an ideal addition to holiday reading, offering a gentle and melodic introduction to the cherished tradition of Christmas carols for families.

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a board book

I Love You More Than Christmas

"I Love You More Than Christmas" is a heartwarming story that celebrates the deep bond between a caregiver and a child against the backdrop of the joyous Christmas season.

The book expresses the sentiment that the love shared between the characters is more precious than the excitement and magic of Christmas, which helps keep that magic alive throughout their life.

With its delightful blend of holiday cheer and expressions of love, "I Love You More Than Christmas" is a charming addition to the family's holiday reading collection, providing a warm and comforting experience for both children and caregivers.

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Wrapping it up

This holiday season, why not dive into the magical world of Christmas with these amazing board books for your little one? These books aren't just about stories – they're about building early literacy skills, exploring with their senses, and creating special moments together.

Imagine this: you and your child, curled up with a good book, getting lost in the festive tales. It's more than just reading; it's about crafting traditions that will stay with you both for years. So, go ahead, unwrap the magic of these books, share the love, and let them become the bright stars in your child's collection of Christmas memories. Here's to a season filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth that comes from sharing stories together!


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