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Preparing for Resurrection: How Lent Strengthens Your Faith

Lent is a time to grow closer to God. It is a 40-day preparation for the passion and resurrection of Jesus, which happens on Easter Sunday. Think of it like a 40-day challenge. Why do you need to prepare yourself for the resurrection of Jesus? So you can fully appreciate and join in celebrating the most important event in human history. To truly appreciate something, some form of preparation must take place. You have to understand it, at the very least. The better you know, the more you can appreciate it. 

The Cross of Jesus Christ

Why should we prepare for Easter Sunday?

As a Christian, what happened on Easter Sunday is the most fundamental reason for our faith. Jesus rose again from the dead after being crucified. He died for our salvation. His coming alive again means his words were valid, and he conquered sin. 

Nothing about Christianity would mean anything if Jesus was not resurrected after his death and saved us from original sin. If this miracle had never occurred, Jesus would have been just some prophet who performed miraculous things.

Why should I care?

In rising from the dead, God gave you an opportunity to choose between two things: 

  1. Him (God)

  2. Not him (not choosing God)

Choosing Him means you go to Heaven when you die and live with Him in all his glory for eternity. Choosing the latter, not choosing Him, means you go to Hell when you die. Hell can be described as the absence of God.

Representation of Hell

Well, Hell doesn't sound so bad if it's just the absence of God.

If God is described as the ultimate good, the pinnacle of love, mercy, and never-ending truth and beauty, then imagine the exact opposite. Hate, pain, and anguish. That is what Hell is like. 

If God is love and mercy, why would He send us to Hell?

God won't send you anywhere you haven't already chosen - by your actions on Earth - to go when you die. By giving you free will to make a choice, He will honor that choice. You either live for him or live against him. 

A Holy Bible

How do I live for him?

Follow God's teachings. All of His teachings. You do not get to pick and choose to follow only the teachings you like. God wants all of your love, not some of it. He laid down commandments for a reason. That reason is freedom. If you follow all of His teachings, you will be free of sin. If you pick and choose which teachings of His to follow, you will constantly remain in sin. 

What if I fail to follow him?

The point is that you sincerely try to follow Him throughout your life. You are going to fail. Everyone does at some point. Nobody is perfect, and perfection isn't something God commands. He does His best work through your own weaknesses and failures. Think about it: you wouldn't need him if you were always perfect. When life throws a curveball at you, He is there to pick you up. 

Jesus Christ crucified

How do I prepare for Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus?

Make a sacrifice for the 40 days of Lent. No, do not sacrifice an animal. Do something to make your life just a bit more uncomfortable than it already is now. Here are a few ideas:

  • Give up chocolate, soda, snacks, etc.

  • Don't eat a food you enjoy (pizza, burgers, spaghetti, etc.)

  • Take cold showers.

  • Put a small, smooth pebble in your shoe (taking away comfort).

  • Give up social media.

  • Give up something you enjoy.

You can either sacrifice by taking away something you enjoy, as stated in the examples above, or you can add something to your life, such as:

  • Pray 5-15 minutes more each day.

  • Do an extra chore.

  • Read the Bible more.

  • Work on yourself: be more patient, try not to get frustrated as easily, etc.

  • Tithe more.

  • Volunteer more.

You are free to make it suitable for your life. It is not supposed to be super easy or impossibly difficult. It is supposed to be challenging for you. A recognizable difference in your life for 40 days. That is what will bring you closer to God.

However, there is one caveat mixed in with making a sacrifice. The sacrifice has to be done with God in mind. If you sacrifice without intention, that is an excellent challenge, and you will grow from that experience. But, you will not be growing with God. To grow with God, you must include Him in the sacrifice you choose to make. It's as easy as thinking, "OK, God, I'm doing this for you." When you include God, you will grow closer to Him.

Make Lent Meaningful

So, Make this Lent a meaningful one. Find something to sacrifice for those 40 days to appreciate better what Jesus did for you and your soul. If you fail one or multiple days, try again the next day. Remember, it's not about being perfect. It's about growing closer to God. 


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