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Top 3 Christian Board Books for the Easter Season

The Easter season is a time for celebration. While it is fun to have Easter baskets and an egg hunt, it is also a time to reflect and appreciate the true meaning of Easter and what Jesus Christ did for humanity.

There isn’t a better way to prepare for Jesus' resurrection than to teach your child who Jesus is and what He did for us. While there are plenty of Christian Easter books, the three Christian board books on this list combined give a much more comprehensive insight into exactly that and provide excellent opportunities for deeper discussions about the faith. 

The book, The Easter Story.

  1. The Easter Story - This book lays out the traditional Easter story - the story of Jesus’ ministry and resurrection - in simple terms suitable for young children. It mentions everything from Palm Sunday and the Lord's Supper to the resurrection and what took place after Jesus rose.  It has colorful illustrations that complement and enhance the story. The pages are pretty thick, giving this book extra durability for the stress that will be put on it by little hands. This book provides opportunities for thoughtful conversations about faith and the meaning of Salvation. Overall, this book is an excellent biblical story of Easter, helping your little one get a closer look into why Jesus rose from the dead and what that means for humanity.

The book, The Legend of the Three Trees

  1. The Legend of the Three Trees - This book is one of the most profound books I have ever read. It enlightens the reader into the battle against our own will vs. God’s Will for us. With vibrant illustrations, text so easy a toddler would understand, and a story so deep adults can reflect on its meaning, this book provides rich reflections that create new connections for toddlers. The pages are thick enough to withstand being thrown to the floor, I know from experience. This book's educational and re-read value is invaluable primarily because of the opportunity for discussion on God's plans for your child. So many precious moments between my daughter, my wife, and me have come from this book, and we always recommend it to families looking to add to their home library.

The book, Baby's First Bible

  1. Baby’s First Bible - This beginner's Bible book is excellent for babies and toddlers. It has plenty of simple Bible stories that present each story in a fundamental way for kids. The pages have vibrant colors and images that complement the text and provide a further understanding of what is happening in the story. There are even relevant scripture verses suitable for kids that separate the Old Testament and the New Testament. This book comes in two format options: a smaller, compact version and a larger, easy-to-read version. The little book option is much more portable, making it easier for little readers to carry around. The latter provides less stress on your eyes when reading. Overall, this book is my favorite Bible board book from the many I have read and is the perfect introduction to God's word. 

As a whole, whether you are looking to expand your child’s library or teach them more specifically about God, Jesus, and overall faith, these three Christian books are the perfect way to teach your children the true meaning of Easter. They all provide simple yet impactful meanings around this very special day of the year while creating lasting memories not only for little hearts but for the whole family as well. Whether it's your child's first Easter or if you're an Easter veteran, if you want a fun way to provide a unique experience - a true Easter gift -  for your little one, then show them the wonder of Easter during their story time. 


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