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Top 4 Fairy Tale Board Books

Updated: Feb 21

4 fairytale board books

If you’re looking for great classic stories to read to your little bundle of joy, few are better than these four board books. These four fairy tales have it all: detailed images, fantastic storylines, and engaging texts that will help your child dive into the story and feel like they are within the tale themselves. 

Fairy tales are one of the best ways for your toddler to expand their imagination. You tell them a story and have opportunities throughout the storyline to get as creative as possible with the details. Even better, reading books to your toddler not only tells them the story but also shows them the pictures in the book, which can be used as a template to set the stage in their mind and then have them close their eyes and act out the story as it progresses, expanding on details.  

Three Little Pigs board book

Book details

Kidsbooks Publishing is responsible for each magnificent rendition of these classic tales. Every book provides a detailed storyline, which can be more enjoyable with your personal touch of character voice-overs. The text doesn’t appear only left to right but sometimes curves with the pictures. Bold text is also used to emphasize specific actions/points in each story. 

These text features add a subtle yet effective teaching element to your child’s reading development. At times, they provide a visual for the meaning of the words/phrases while teaching memorization skills through bolding the same keywords throughout the book.

Here are some specific examples for each book:

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears: the size of the text changes when mentioning the sizes of objects in the story. The BIG chair has bigger text, and the little chair has smaller text. It's a fantastic way to keep your child engaged throughout the entire book!

  • Little Red Riding Hood: the author does a great job of emphasizing actions and keywords in this story by consistently changing the size of each word being emphasized. 

  • The Three Little Pigs: excellent illustrations that help you feel like you’re watching the story in person without being overstimulating.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk: the text gives opportunities to act out actions in the book, making the story much more engaging. Utilizing that personal voice-over for the ogre while banging your fist makes it fun for everyone!

the inside of a board book

Made to last

These books are made to withstand the tough times your toddler may put them through! The cover of each book, while thick, has embossed lettering and pictures, allowing for simple sensory development. The pages are durable enough to allow babies to get their hands on them without worrying about crinkled/folded or ripped pages. 

Each book has full-page pictures with text sometimes wrapping around the picture, making it look enjoyable and more engaging. 

board books

A must-have for toddlers

These four fairy tales are essential for your toddler's library. They will help grow your toddler’s love for reading or being read to and increase sensory development, imagination, keyword recognition, and overall basic reading skills. Whether you’re just starting your toddler's library or looking to add to their collection, Kidsbooks Publishing has outdone itself with these fairy tales. 


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